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 BAD gfx Rules

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PostSubject: BAD gfx Rules   Sun Nov 16, 2008 4:35 pm

1. This forum is mutli cultural therefore posts containing racist remarks or discrimination will be removed and the member involved will be warned.
In saying that obviously some jokes are a bit on the edge but please do not aim them at particular members and remember they are only jokes.

2. No flaming of members will be tolerated. The fire extinguisher will be hauled out immediately

3. No nudity, pin up art is fine but no images of genitalia are allowed.

4. 4 warnings and your arse is gone on the 4th

5. Members must be over 18. We do not have creche facilities

6. Any problems with a member MUST be kept off the boards and admin advised.

7. No links to Rapidshare etc. If you must use shared files use a free site such as 4Shared who scan all files before allowing downloads.

8. Do not share files that contain viruses, trojans etc knowingly because again your arse will be gone.

9. No links to sites that contain porn, violent images etc

10. Keep all personal converstations of the boards, this is not a dating site.

11. Spamming is to be kept to Spamland at all times

12. All posts must be in English please

13. Absolutely no torrent's or links to torrent sites to be posted.

14. Admins word is LAW. Please remember that.
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BAD gfx Rules
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